Monday, March 15, 2010

hi pups

mommy says she is sorry for not posting anything in such a long time. she has been busy with school and other stuff. i am loving it here at the ranch. i get to stay here a whole week!!! how awesome is that?? i have 27 acres to play on and several other friends to play with!! i have beautiful weather all day long to play in. my days consist of getting up early in the morning to go play, coming in for breakfast and a quick nap, outside again for a while, inside again for another nap, outside for a while longer, then it's inside for dinner and i stay in until the morning. you see if mommy doesn't keep me in after dinner, then its a huge fight to get me in. i like howling and barking at anything that makes noise at night, especially the wolves. i mean after all they are in the same family as i am. they are cannines and so am i. well that's it for now. hopefully everyone is enjoying the weather.